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About Us

At MCFM Global and Mobilisation Mastery, we strive to foster a culture of can-do attitude, positivity, and optimism. We believe that even in the face of challenges, a positive attitude can help to overcome them. Our culture is one of proactivity, where individuals are encouraged to take initiative and lead, even if they don't see themselves as traditional leaders.

We also place a strong emphasis on passion, energy and a sense of belonging. We want our team members to feel like they are part of a family and that their contributions are valued. Our culture is based on a blueprint, a set of core values and beliefs that define who we are as a company and what sets us apart from others.

Our culture promotes embracing one's uniqueness and daring to be different. We encourage our team members to be passionate about their work, to believe in the product they are delivering and to take pride in their contributions to the company.


At Mobilisation Mastery, we aim to create a culture where individuals can grow, learn and thrive, becoming true Mobilisation Masters.

The Book- Mobilisation Mastery

I'm currently publishing a book called mobilisation mastery. It gives insights, stories and a real through the lens of what it takes to mobilize projects successfully. The book is written in a quirky, metaphorical style, with a touch of humor.

People keep saying it takes at least a year to write a book….it’s so true and I’m almost done.

Mobilisation Mastery shares  insights, stories, experiences and practical tips you can dip in and out of,

I want to say a special thank you to the Globe Williams team, Steve from OCS, Paul and Alison at Swissport and Laura who contributed to the chapter Through the Lens.

I am really looking forward to sharing signed copies with you all when it is published.  Watch this space!!


The Mobilisation Workshops


  • You win a contract how do you move from A to B Contract in principal to operational delivery?

  • We have never outsourced before what do we do, what should we expect? How will everything work and what’s more we have no staff to manage the services…help!!

  • We do not have the experience in the operational and mobilization team to transition this contract…. what do we do? How can we make this a success with these limitations?

  • How do we transition? What do we need to consider? What processes should we follow

  • How do we help the Client through the process and ensure our teams are ready from day 1?

  • We have no budget for resources to mobilize, it’s non-recoverable from the Client



Five Main Problems we see re-occurring

1.     Tight time constraints

2.     Lack of Data and vital information to mobilise

3.     Communication between teams and stakeholders

4.     Inexperience and know-how

5.     Lack of planning, preparation and risk management

Over the years I have completed some amazing transitions, the fact remains that there are so many moving parts we can end up with problem children.

Our workshops are designed to raise the bar… Get under the skin of your mobilisation practices, embed skills and processes into your organisation and teams and create a better understanding of what it takes to mobilise successfully, consistently.

We only select a few Companies to work closely with each month.

Our Principals

The 4 Cs

Commitment: At MCFM Global, we are fully committed to delivering on our promises to our clients. We understand that trust is earned through consistent performance and we strive to exceed expectations every time. Our commitment to our clients is unwavering and we take pride in delivering high-quality services that meet their specific needs.

Communication: Clear and consistent communication is essential to the success of any project, and we prioritize open and transparent communication with all stakeholders, including our own teams and supply chain partners. By ensuring that everyone is on the same page, we can minimise misunderstandings and potential delays.

Collaboration: Collaboration is key to the success of our projects, and we work closely with internal and external partners to ensure smooth and efficient transition processes. We recognise that no one organisation can succeed alone, and we actively seek out opportunities to collaborate with other organisations to achieve common goals.

Contingency: We understand that no plan is perfect and that unexpected events can occur. Therefore, we prioritise contingencies, actively identifying and mitigating potential risks to ensure the success of our projects. This includes having a risk register to track all issues that may impact the project and taking steps to either transfer, avoid, mitigate, eliminate or turn the risk into an opportunity.


By following these Four Cs, Commitment, Communication, Collaboration, and Contingency, we can ensure that our clients receive the best service possible and that their projects are completed successfully.


B1G1 ladies and children

At MCFM Global, we offer a variety of training methods that are tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Our workshops are designed to be engaging and interactive, taking clients through the various stages of mobilisation with hands-on activities and real-world examples.


We believe that this approach is the most effective way to ensure that our clients are able to apply the knowledge they have gained in their own workplaces.

As part of our commitment to making a positive impact, we have established the 1% pledge. This pledge is a commitment to dedicate a portion of our profits or equity to non-profit organisations in the community. By giving back to the community, we are able to make a difference in the lives of those who need it the most.


We also partner with B1G1, an organisation that allows us to give back to those in need with every new contract. This partnership allows us to make a real impact on the world, and we are proud to be able to contribute to the causes that matter most to us.

Sustainability is at the core of our business and we strive to align our goals with the United Nations sustainability goals, with a focus on quality education and health and well-being for all. By incorporating sustainability into all aspects of our business, we are able to inspire, educate, and energise our consultants and professionals, while making a real impact on the planet. At MCFM Global, we are committed to making a positive difference in the world.

Our Pledge


The Future of Mobilisation Mastery


What we would want the future to look like, our future purpose for mobilisation, it would be taking the mystery out of mobilising. We want to be in a position where clients are confident when they’re engaging with FM companies. They know the talk, they know the terminology, they know the impact of the decisions they’re making.


They understand the timelines that they’re putting in place, and they would become more realistic because they know what’s involved in moving from the award of a contract through to the actual go live of the transition. Someone said, and nine out of 10 clients don’t understand mobilisation.


Our long term vision is an Academy aimed to teach and educate clients, FM companies and individuals who have a desire to build a career in mobilisation. The reason being is that these workshops would be not to keep the knowledge to myself, but to share the knowledge and embed it within their organisation so that the process of change is simplified and demystified for them.

Image of Children of Moldova receiving trainers from MCFM Event
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