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Maxcene Crowe


I am Maxcene Founder of MCFM Global, I am a Facilities Management Consultant specialising in mobilisations/transitions and transformation of facilities contracts and building services.


We provide mobilisation training to Clients, Facilities Management companies, suppliers and industry professionals.


We aim to inspire, energise and educate.


Our vision is to develop a Mobilisation Mastery CPD accredited academy accessible to all in the industry.


I am a mum to a 16 year old and also a figure skater.


The Book

People keep saying it takes at least a year to write a book….it’s so true and I’m almost done.

Mobilisation Mastery shares  insights, stories, experiences and practical tips you can dip in and out of,

I want to say a special thank you to the Globe Williams team, Steve from OCS, Paul and Alison at Swisspost and others who contributed to the chapter Through the Lens.


I am really looking forward to sharing signed copies with you all when it is published.  Watch this space!!


The Mobilisation Workshops

Over the years I have completed some amazing transitions, the fact remains that there are so many moving parts we can end up with problem children.

Our workshops are designed to raise the barr… Get under the skin of your mobilisation practices, embed skills and processes into your organisation and teams and create a better understanding of what it takes to mobilise successfully, consistently.

We only select a few Companies to work closely with each month.


Business For Good -B1G1

B1G1 – doing business for good is really close my heart.

When you sign up for a workshop, we provide 1 day of education for a child in the world, each month we give a nutritious meal to a person in need and so much more.

As our business grows so will the impact we have in the world and you will be part of making a difference today.

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My Story

A few memories that I had forgotten for many years jumped into my thoughts. At the time I was reflecting on how I had come to be who I am and what moments of my life had really impacted me both positively and negatively.

  1.  who I am today is a result of experiences and decisions in my past

  2. the reasons for my services are ingrained in deep routed beliefs I have of myself and others perceptions of me.

The memories that came to me? The first was of one of my cousins (rest his soul). In my teens I recall my parents frantically responding to calls from the police about a man wandering the streets part dressed and delirious.. he would be in the sitting room saying that he would only talk to me or mom dad was the devil, everyone was evil ... he had schizophrenia and had as I learned was off his meds again sending him sadly into a psychotic state.


I recall thinking why can’t he get better? Why isn’t anyone helping him? What has made him this way? This was some 36 years ago and I guess back then support for mental health was can I say not the best.

The outcome my Cousin 0 Schizophrenia 1 he ended life by jumping in front of a train.

The second, call him Lucas because I don’t remember his name, he used to work with us in the clothing factory pressing the garments we would hang out after work sometimes, I was 17. On this occasion we called for him and no answer- I saw a small side window open to his flat and saw him lying on his sofa blood dripping from his wrists. My friend and I called the ambulance we climbed in through the window, got a cloth with cold water to bring him back round.

The ambulance crew were great and yes, he survived but when he asked has anyone got a cigarette I was flabbergasted. We just saved your life and all you wanna do is smoke! I was angry and just felt he was ungrateful. Life 1 Death 0 . The cause of his distress we learned much later when he had moved back to Bolton was unrequited love for his much younger niece . Yep very taboo.

The third memory, I always used to volunteer with a dear friend taking her 'rabble' to the cinema and on day trips the museums! I mean no disrespect however, if you took pity on them they would run rings around you why ? They wanted you to see them not their disability, so I took no shite and they loved me for treating them as human beings.

The last memory from this part of my past was about my best friend, after many years of irrational behaviour causing mayhem in the community( mostly the men) she was diagnosed bipolar. We just thought she was highly strung, mischievous and always looking for and causing trouble. She was looking for answers and help. Let’s call her Dee. Dee still lives her adjusted life managing her illness some days better than others. Dee 1 Bipolar 0 she’s a tough cookie.

At 23 I went off to university to study business and psychology with a view of becoming a clinical psychologist. I graduated and ended up in business however, the deep rooted drive of wanting to help and understand mental well being has never left me.

More recently my own concern for early onset of dementia plagues me. Being very forgetful and walking out of one room only to find myself wandering why hell I Went in there in the first place, leaving a fridge door open, even one Christmas forgetting my pet rabbit’s name but to name a few incidents and providing entertainment for my partner and daughter because to be drank some of the stuff I do And say is frigging funny I am often laughing with them at myself , I maybe paranoid who knows ? my family tell me to get earlier nights more sleep. I am actively working on my short term memory, making lists trying to recall nothing sticks very long . I will not be defeated Max 1 Mental Illness 0.


My intention is to share my knowledge and expertise with the world, my legacy will be passing on what I have learnt so that others can excel in this field.

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