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Fly in the Face of Adversity

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

When issues arise we are still primitive human beings.

Heard of the fight or flight response ? Well it still exists the difference is that in the past a caveman with a spear sporting a very bad hair day and most likely very challenging body odour would stare down a mammoth and either fancy his chances aka fight or run for the hills aka flight response . It was all about basic human needs and survival , food , clothing , tools.

Scroll forward to present day, and consider this, are we much different than the caveman? Not really... let me explain. Using a computer but you lack understanding or cannot type you can fight I.e. face your weaknesses and learn how to type then operate the computer or flight this is just too difficult. Your survival doesn’t depend on it but fleeing will limit your career options

Where else does fight or flight exist in modern day

* Being out of work

* Family problems

* Challenging children

* Challenging peers at work

* A very demanding boss

* Lack of diversity in the workplace

* Lack of equality

* Financial challenges

* Relationship challenges

* Business challenges the list is endless

On the face of it all the simple fact remains;

* You are in control of the outcome

* You still have a Choice even though you may not feel that way when you are in the thick of it all

* You can change your situation

* You can still make a difference

Just figure out what you need and who you need to introduce into your life or business to make the changes.

Like it or not, we are modern day cave-persons with the same guttural fight or flight responses instead they are more psychological and emotionally complex like a web of connected parts made so from modern day living, our environment, technology advancements and so on. So what you gonna do? Fight or take flight ?

FYI I’m a fighter, what are you??

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