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Mary Mary, Quite Contrary How Does Your Garden Grow

If your Company was a garden, what would it look like? What kind of garden would it be?

Is it flourishing with beautiful flowers, plants and trees blossoming? Do you have evergreens that consistently year on year keep your garden from feeling and looking bare when Autumn and Winter come round.

Is your grass patchy with bits of green or is it well-cut, clean and lusciously green?, is your garden full of weeds, nettles and overgrown grass that is out of control? (you just have not had the time to prune it back)?

My garden has a beautiful lawn but is bare and void of any landscaping, flowers or trees. there are a couple of Rodin statues, an artificial palm and fencing still in its packaging, bark and compost waiting to receive seeds waiting to be planted and nurtured into a future herb and salad garden. The seeds are still in the boxes!, (if you do not plant them in the fertile soil how will they ever grow?) How will you reap the rewards if you do not invest time and effort to make your garden the best it can be?

In reality, our businesses are like gardens, we have or want the best of the crop we want to weed out the laggards however, sometimes deadwood can be hard to remove safely without causing harm to either yourself or your teams

What type of soil do you have in your garden? Mine is clay it's tough to crack it needs treating and mixing with quality compost and manure. At times the stench will be so bad but you know it's for the greater good, the end result will be worth it as year on year your garden bares fruit (if you planted fruit trees) and pretty flowers

At times there can be disruptive elements that affect the growth and development of your garden. Inclement weather, planting in poor quality soil, birds that come and pick out seeds just sown, lack of watering, too much watering so much that the poor plant gives up and withers away.

My rabbits are the disruptive element in my garden, I let them roam free they enjoy feasting on the fresh grass, plants, trees anything that gets planted becomes a treat for them, disaster for me. So what can I do about it? Keep them penned in so that my garden can flourish or I can make provisions to ensure my future herb garden is protected the apple tree is shielded to give them half a chance to develop. How to you protect your garden? Your business? What contingencies and lines of defence do you have in place? Did you get the contract signed, did you make sure there were no loop holes? Did you read the small print?.

So how do you get the best out of your crop? Read the instructions on the back of the package if you should be planting in the shade then your shady plant will flourish, if your flower performs will in sunny spots and require plant food, pruning and water every two weeks well this is how you get the best result. If you don't know the type of flowers you have growing in your garden, find out!

-Give your garden a chance to grow

-Spend a little time working in it every week or if you are lucky and have time everyday

-Take the seeds out the packet they are not doing anyone any good in the box

-Put up the fencing, that will add a nice feature to your landscape

-Mow the lawn, pull out the weeds

-It's hard work but who else is going to do it? I don't see my neighbours volunteering to come over and do a bit of landscaping. I can pay an expert to maintain and plant out seedlings but if my garden has not been kept there's no regular return on my investment, I’m just paying my gardener.

In your business, what it boils down to is this

-Make the time, make a start

-Plan and visualise what you want your garden/business to become

-Secure the area ensuring your seedlings/business has a fighting chance

-Take small steps, little and often

-Give the right amount of water/training and support in business

-Plant at the right time some will yield immediately other plants take longer to mature

-Sometimes the birds will plant seeds for you

-Be patient, be persistent, be consistent you will eventually see the fruits of your labour

-Never give up if you do nothing you will end up with are weeds

-Focus, don't get distracted stay true to the task in hand give it your all

-You deserve everything you get you truly do reap what you sow

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