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What Are You Capable of Achieving?

Have you ever been in a situation or situations where you feel your back is against the wall, you are practically drowning and can’t see the wood from the trees?

Then from out of the blue you experience an encounter with a person, a friend calls, a colleague reaches out and they happen to say the right words, inspire you, encourage you and lift your spirits.

These are not coincidental. It is just what you needed to propel you forward and reignite your spark. It is important to know and remember a few things, you are never alone no matter how isolated you feel at the time.

You are part of a team no matter how many people and whether you are based remotely from them. You matter, you are important and what you have to offer is invaluable.

Don’t be so hard on yourself .

Don’t try and eat the elephant really, don’t you’ll get serious indigestion and spend far too much time actually not being productive at all.

Small steps, break the task down , ask questions people say problems are just unanswered questions so ask away, seek to understand what you don’t know.

Reach out help is always at hand, you just need to take courage, be bold be brave and simply ask.

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