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Embedding Mobilisation Skills in Business


Presented by Maxcene Crowe
Founder of Mobilisation Mastery

MCFM Global was founded in 2021 and provides consulting and advisory services in facilities management and procurement to clients who own over 1 million square feet of real estate, and have a requirement for management of their facilities and building services.  Mobilisation Mastery is the training and development side of the business offering free Masterclasses, workshops and transformation programs for large corporations and individuals who want to embed mobilisation and transition skills into their business or develop the specialism of mobilisation and transformation of facilities management services.


It is crucial to maintain an ongoing commitment to one's own training and development. Staying updated on the latest innovations and ideas, adapting to and utilising various technologies to enrich learning, and cultivating diverse perspectives are all essential for delivering the most optimal learning experiences and positive customer experience journeys for clients.

In this Masterclass we will cover

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