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The Idea Behind the Workshops


Many projects experience difficulties due to a lack of necessary data, miscommunication, unrealistic expectations, and inadequate resources.


These challenges can lead to project failure if not properly managed. A strong mobilisation framework can help mitigate these risks by ensuring the project has the necessary resources, information, and skills to be successful.

More than 36% of projects fail due to the absence of a robust mobilisation framework, that's why our goal is to help organisations embed vital mobilisation transition skills to improve the chances of project success.


About Us

About Us

At Mobilisation Mastery, we have a culture of can do a can do attitude positive, optimistic to the nth degree. Even when there are challenges, optimism prevails.


We also want to foster a culture of passion, energy when you come to work with us and be part of this family as a Mobilisation Master.


It’s like a blueprint, people will know exactly what they’re getting from a Mobilisation Master. being passionate and believing in your product is really important and at the Academy, we want to foster these beliefs and create a DNA blueprint.

It’s not being the same as everybody else. It’s daring to be different and embracing your uniqueness.

Story - My Whys

Training and development has been part of my DNA from a very young age. Working in a cinema complex is an early memory I have of training operatives on the job. Facilities management is a vast field with many complex specialisms, we are passionate about mobilisation and transitions and ensuring we raise the bar and educate in the coming years 1 million industry professionals through our Academy being launched later this year.

Our intention is to share my knowledge and expertise with the world, our legacy will be passing on what we have learnt so that others can excel in this field. We want to be instrumental in connecting you to the best subject matter experts, building a dynamic, vibrant community that enriches your life and professional journey for years to come.

Our Social Impact

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We are very passionate about our social impact and do this in 4 ways;
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Business for Good each month we donate to a project connected to our sustainability goals. Want to contribute? sign up to our Checklist and Template exchange campaign by visiting our File Share section of the website.


Sustainability Goals Well being and mental health, quality education and collaboration and partnership are intertwine d with everything we do at MCFM Global


1% Pledge we are part of a movement where we pledge 1% of our time, profit, product and equity to doing good in the world and helping leave it better that we found it. 


Sharing knowledge and content through our Newsletter and YouTube Channel  

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The idea for the workshops came from a few years ago, I’d been mobilising and doing some transition projects, and then wanted to actually start moving into educating professionals.

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